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Big Warning: The video linked above can be a bit disturbing

eugeniedefranval submitted: Peaceful female protesters pepper sprayed for asking police officers why.

Protest organizers estimated that about 85 people had been arrested and that about five were struck with pepper spray. Among those was Chelsea Elliott, 25, who said that she was sprayed after shouting “Why are you doing that?” as an officer arrested a protester at East 12th Street.

“I was on the ground sobbing and couldn’t breathe,” she said. The ongoing protests, against a financial system that participants say favors the rich and powerful over ordinary citizens, started last Saturday, and were coordinated by a New York group called the General Assembly.


Wow, that is some terrifying stuff. Someone is going to have to explain for what has gone down out there. Today we’re all left with the same question when faced with this disgusting perversion of justice “Why?”


hi, i’m looking for people to participate in a study on political opinion.
the study involves me sending you a packet full of current proposed legislature, then you sitting down with two different colored pens to edit it the way you’d like. then you send it back to me, and i take photos of it and put it on exhibition.

totally anonymous, totally confidential.

i would really appreciate any help! i need about 4 more people to participate!

If anyone wants to head over and give her a hand, it’d be much appreciated!

Sometimes It’s Okay To Submit (To The Riot) (Hi, Everyone)

Well, okay.  So, last Friday this Tumblr had around 87 followers.  After an explosion this weekend, I’m well aware that this post is going to reach over 300 readers. 

I’ll be honest, that’s a little intimidating.

So, um.  Hi.

ANYWAY, on to the point of this post: I would LOVE to be able to use The Riot as a means of getting out as much information as possible to readers.  I can only cover so much of the internet in one day and I’m sure there are events/happenings/concerts/articles you have that you would like to share.  Have a ‘zine you wanna promote?  A band playing a benefit show?  A rally/protest you’re organizing?  THAT SHIT IS IMPORTANT.

So I’m inviting all of you to feel free to send me shit through either the “Submit” or “Ask Me” page or you can e-mail me at theriotmag at gmail dot com.  I’ll do my best to help share what you’ve got.  I know I don’t have a huge reader base right now, but it’s something and I’d like to do what I can to help. 

So, yes.  Feel free to send stuff in.

And…yeah.  Hi, again.  Hope you enjoy your stay.




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