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The Raging Grannies sing a sweet little song.  About “legitimate rape.”

Pittsburgh Comic Hosting “Personalized Rape Joke Contest”

James J. Hamilton, a comic from Pittsburgh, PA, apparently believes he is very edgy and witty and will totally “go there.”  So much so that he’s hosting a contest where the winner gets a “personalized rape joke.”

From the Facebook event description:

This is your chance to win a personalized rape joke written by ME about YOU! Just comment on this page to enter the contest! The joke will be told by me during a live performance at an undetermined future time in an undetermined location and will* be hilarious. 

The joke will involve you raping someone or getting raped. You decide which! You must also pick the person(s) you want to rape/get raped by in the joke. BE SURE TO INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION IN YOUR COMMENT.

The winner will be arbitrarily chosen by me based on criteria I make up. 


The comments on the event page are a mix of people calling him out for being a shitty excuse for a human being (as well as a comic) and people supporting him or saying that if you ask people not to tell rape jokes because they contribute to a harmful rape culture, you are violating their freedom of speech.  

Look, I am just going to leave this link right here.

Students and staff at Osgoode Hall Law School are demanding an apology and explanation from the Toronto Police Service after one of their officers suggested women can avoid sexual assault by not dressing like a “slut.”

“One of the safety tips was for women not to dress like ‘sluts.’ He said something like, ‘I’ve been told I shouldn’t say this,’ and then he uttered the words,” said Bessner, Osgoode assistant dean of the Juris Doctor Program.

Georgia Republican state Rep. Bobby Franklin (of gold-standard-wannabe fame) has introduced a bill to change the state’s criminal codes so that in “criminal law and criminal procedure” (read: in court), victims of rape, stalking, and family violence could only be referred to as “accusers” until the defendant has been convicted.

I’m just gonna say this in the nicest way possible: FUCK THIS GUY.  FUCK.  THIS.  GUY.

INTERESTING POINT OF FACT: Georgia is the state where Ben Roethlisberger (who will be the starting QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers in this weekend’s Super Bowl Game ) allegedly raped a young woman in the bathroom of a bar.

If you haven’t already, please go add your signature to this.  We cannot allow the US government to further hurt and shame rape victims out of some sense of faux-concern.  Allowing them to redefine rape in this way would open up a horrific opportunity for rape to be redefined in other ways or areas.

This is an attack on those who have already been hurt enough.  We cannot let it pass.  We cannot be silent.

The GOP’s current top priority?  Making sure rape victims can’t use federal funds for abortions unless the GOP considers it REAL rape, by which they mean “forcible rape.”  This would eliminate the ability for victims of incest, statutory and most date rapes to use Medicaid or government medical savings plans for abortions.

Whether or not this bill passes, and hopefully it won’t, the fact that redefining rape is being discussed, seriously, not just by Congress but by THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, John Boehner, is disgusting.  Even more horrifying: the members of Congress elected for a “more accountable government,” who trash-talked President Obama over his economic policies and unemployment rates, have made this their top priority.

Not fixing the economy.  Not creating more jobs.  Redefining rape and attacking rape victims.

Go read the article on Tiger Beatdown to see how you can join the virtual revolution and speak out against this horrible policy.  Because even if it’s not likely to pass, it’s completely telling of what the immediate future holds for our nation.

"The problem isn’t that a group of young men yelled something stupid, over and over again. The problem is that I’m no longer sure we’re shocked by people who turn rape and sexual assault into some kind of a joke. It’s embarrassing for those involved, sure. But the sentiment they expressed is shockingly — and terrifyingly — mainstream."
I’m sure you’ve already seen this, as it’s been floating around the internet for a few days now at the very least, but The Riot would just like to lend our voice to the praise for this campaign.
Thank you, world, for finally doing something that isn’t telling women to try not to get raped, but is in fact telling men not to rape.
Men Can Stop Rape.

I’m sure you’ve already seen this, as it’s been floating around the internet for a few days now at the very least, but The Riot would just like to lend our voice to the praise for this campaign.

Thank you, world, for finally doing something that isn’t telling women to try not to get raped, but is in fact telling men not to rape.

Men Can Stop Rape.







Everyone following me needs to watch this video. It is a short video about Male Entitlement in North American culture. It is absolutley disgusting and shocking. I can’t believe that these things have happened in such public spaces and no one stepped in to stop them.

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this is a terrible thing, but this is the reason that sometimes i’m really glad i’m not pretty. but that doesn’t mean i think any of this is okay, it just means that i would probably be faster to step in than to hang back for fear of that being turned on me. there is one woman who actively fights back (until she realizes how outnumbered she is). if only one person had joined her, maybe it would have made others realize how wrong this was.

i hope every woman who has had to experience this has someone near her to remind her that this is not okay, and that she shouldn’t have to put up with abuse like that. i can’t imagine being alone and experiencing that…

edit: i’m canadian and have never seen anything as severe as this in person, but i don’t think that canada is immune to this sort of thing. fyi.

I’d never seen this video or heard of these incidents, but this is appalling.

I am horrified and disgusted. I hope everyone of those men who participated get shot in the fucking face, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t promote violence. 


It’s important to note that the effects of Western Male Entitlement issues aren’t confined to the west. I experience the effects of it when I walk around as a Western woman in India,  where many men’s exposure to Western girls is through Hollywood’s bullshit macho fantasies about us and so I am expected to behave similarly. We have no one but sexist culture, those who propagate it, and our enforcement of it upon other peoples to blame.

You know what really upsets me?  That we need to have videos made to draw attention to this.  Because stuff like this DOES happen every day, women ARE treated like this all the time.  And the fact that something needs to be done to tell people this is a bad thing is just sad.

And I feel the need to point out: it’s not just hip hop videos and music that this idea is espoused in.  Other forms of music, especially rock, do more than their fair share to re-enforce this behavior.

I’m not a girl in a music video.  I DON’T exist just as a nameless random body you can get off to.  I don’t want to be treated like that.  And when I TELL YOU not to treat me like that, I want some damn respect from you, not comments on what a bitch I am. 

If demanding to be seen as a person is being a bitch?  Then yes, world.  I am a bitch.