The Riot

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said on Wednesday that the Internal Affairs Bureau will look into the decision of a high-ranking officer to use pepper spray on a number of female protesters at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration on Saturday.

The pepper spray episode occurred on East 12th Street, where police officers arrested some protesters and corralled others behind orange mesh netting. It was captured on video recordings made by several protesters from different vantage points.

The video, which has been posted on YouTube and the Web sites of numerous news organizations, shows a deputy inspector walking up to a group of women standing on the sidewalk behind the orange netting and shooting pepper spray at them. Then footage then shows the deputy inspector, who has been identified as Anthony Bologna, walking away.

Commissioner Kelly said he had seen video of the pepper spraying only on a television newscast, and questioned whether the snippet he saw offered enough context to evaluate what occurred.

Asked about the episode at a press briefing on Wednesday, Mr. Kelly did not offer an explanation for why Inspector Bologna selected the four women out of the larger crowd as a target.


The New York Times, “New York Police to Examine Pepper-Spray Incident.”

Why did it take until Wednesday for 1) the media to get Police Commissioner Kelly to comment on this episode, and 2) for Police Commissioner Kelly to comment on this episode, period?

For fuck’s sake.

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They waited till wednesday because they were hoping this would all blow over and people wouldn’t care that “some hippies got maced.”


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CNN’s Newest Hire is on Your Side, Ladies!

Just be warned that by “ladies,” we are excluding feminists, working women or women who like to go outside by themselves without their husband’s permission.

This new face around CNN is Erick Erickson. Not familiar with him? Well, let me introduce him by way of these two LOVELY messages he sent out on Twitter following the controversial Superbowl Ad run by Focus on the Family:

And while you return to your kitchens, be glad that Erickson is willing to froth over “women’s” issues as well: he encouraged the beating of politicians to a bloody pulp over enviromental regulations for dishwasher detergent. See, girls? He’s looking out for you. In your kitchens. Which you just shouldn’t leave.

What a winner! Don’t worry, Erick, I’ll be cooking you up something SPECIAL in my kitchen, Lady Gaga style: