DC writer talks about killing Stephanie Brown in War Games: “it was really seedy”


Bleeding Cool has unveiled a very interesting video. And sad. It’s a DC writer Dylan Horrocks speaking at the Auckland’s Reader’s Fest about what was going on at DC when Stephanie Brown was killed in War Games.

It’s upsetting. And it’s depressing. Here’s some of the comments:

The whole way through it was planned purely as a trick to play on the readers, that we would fool them into thinking that the big event was that Stephanie Brown would become Robin but we knew all along it was a temporary thing, and she was then going to die at the end of this crossover story. It was really seedy, and I think about two days into it, I basically said look, I don’t want… because they planned this big long torture scene, I said I don’t want to really have anything to do with that

So when there was that big online debate about Stephanie Brown’s death I felt kind of really pleased and vindicated, and the other person who I think was probably happy about that but I don’t think she’s ever said so in interviews was Devin Grayson who was writing Nightwing at the time… she raised several issues during this meeting, she was one of the other writers in the meeting who said how come we’re always killing off the girls, and also how come we’re killing off the ethnic characters,[Karen mentions Orpheus], there was a lot of debate in that meeting, well ultimately it all came down to this is what we’re going to do.

I take a lot of shit when I talk about how female characters get treated in comics. Go take a look at some of the comments on the interview I did with Wired. Where a dude actually posted this:

“the Women in Refrigerators” was never an issue. Feminists always try to make it an issue but its not. As was pointed out to Gail Simone the only thing that the Women in Refrigerators shows is that men and women in comics are actually equal. Neither one has plot immunity based on gender. both get treated equally shitty & with equal terror.

And when I bring up things like how Stephanie Brown got treated it’s all shot down. “Conspiracy theorist” “Looking for sexism where there is none” “Dumb bitch” and that’s the stuff that can be printed.

The next time I bring it up? I’m going to go tell them to read this.

For those of you who aren’t comics fans: Stephanie Brown was the first woman in the modern continuity to don the Robin costume (there was a previous girl Robin in The Dark Knight Returns written by Frank Miller).  She was brutally “killed,” out of costume.  I use quotation marks because it ended up being a comic book death, she wasn’t REALLY dead you see.  She was written back into the DCU as Batgirl.

And is now being written back out again, it seems, with the relaunch.

ANYWAY, there was HUGE outcry over not only her death but over the fact that she was the only former Robin not to be given a memorial in the Batcave, and when writers were asked about it they said she didn’t get one…one of them went so far as to claim “she was never really Robin.”

Mostly reblogged because, hey, how many times have we seen the “Feminists ruin everything!” argument?