The GOP’s current top priority?  Making sure rape victims can’t use federal funds for abortions unless the GOP considers it REAL rape, by which they mean “forcible rape.”  This would eliminate the ability for victims of incest, statutory and most date rapes to use Medicaid or government medical savings plans for abortions.

Whether or not this bill passes, and hopefully it won’t, the fact that redefining rape is being discussed, seriously, not just by Congress but by THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, John Boehner, is disgusting.  Even more horrifying: the members of Congress elected for a “more accountable government,” who trash-talked President Obama over his economic policies and unemployment rates, have made this their top priority.

Not fixing the economy.  Not creating more jobs.  Redefining rape and attacking rape victims.

Go read the article on Tiger Beatdown to see how you can join the virtual revolution and speak out against this horrible policy.  Because even if it’s not likely to pass, it’s completely telling of what the immediate future holds for our nation.