Some awesome men standing up for women and the unborn!

How exactly are men holding pro-life signs telling me what they want me to do with my own body standing up for me? What if I don’t want to have a baby? These br0z don’t care about pregnant people’s opinions unless they mirror theirs. Don’t tell me these dudes are standing up for me when they’re actively working to deny my right to choose. As my dad always says, I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

Keep these guys away from me.

i have a really visceral reaction to anti-choice dudes, like my stomach hurts and i make a face and turn red. i want to punch all of these guys in the throat. all. of. them. 

Yeah sorry, men “standing up” to tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies isn’t anything new - it’s been happening since the fucking dawn of time, and it’s called misogyny.

I wish I had the courage to take a stand on an issue that I know nothing about and doesn’t effect me personally. If only I were as brave as these young men, I too could advocate for letting women die instead of choosing to removing a clump of cells in their womb.

Is anyone else laughing at the Chick Fil A bag in the background of the first image? Get your Christian food/anti choice lobbying away from body.

File under: guys not to date.

If a guy doesn’t respect your right to choose what you do with your body, then he doesn’t respect you.  And if he doesn’t fucking respect you, he’s not worth it.